I was married for 19 years to a
Covert Narcissist.

This is my journey...and why I must do what I do now...

I have what appears to be a pretty “normal” story...until you open the cover...

I was "strong".  A "Career Woman"  And a PROUD Mom of Two.  And a Wife.  An Irish-Catholic Wife That BELIEVED In Keeping Marriage Vows.

I fell for the Love Bombing time and time again...

Bought the lies.

Bought the "apologies".

Really thought I was going crazy...


When weird things would happen...

...I was told "you're CRAZY".

"You're imagining things."

"I didn't say/do that."

"This is TOTALLY NORMAL.  ALL guys act this way."

I was a then-20-year MS Patient...

...and didn't feel...right.

I went - alone - to the ER.

When my then-husband finally showed up an hour and a half later, I was in a full heart 'work-up'.

He had to go to the bathroom.  She sent him WAY down the hall to the farthest bathroom.

"IS YOUR HUSBAND ABUSING YOU?", she asked me, as she scribbled a phone number on a sticky note.

"He doesn't hit me.," I said. ??!?

"Your BP shot up to 184/113 the SECOND he came in your room.  You now are stroke-level and we have to check that out.  That phone number is my ex-husband's divorce attorney.  If I had it to do over again, he would be MINE.  You NEED to call him."

REALITY CHECK.  I 'got' the message this time.  After 19 years of ignoring it, and making excuses for him.

Now what?!?

He left.  He left me, and his kids.  For another woman...
...who's PI found me.

She became my witness for Court.  And my friend.

He had lied to her too.  His whole story to her was a total lie...

I slowly began to breathe again.  
I wasn't as crazy as I thought.

I stopped ignoring the red flags that our Counselor had been pointing out to me for 10 years.

"Your husband is a narcissist, Amanda."

I began to put my 20 years of neuroscience knowledge from being an MS patient

together with 10 years of narcissism education that up to that point, I had kept blinders on and ignored.

I began to see the patterns.  
Narcissists have set patterns of behavior.

I began to speak my Truth.
And Thriving Life Craft LLC was born.

We now have clients in the USA, UK, Ireland, and Australia, 
and we are growing.

You CAN break free.  You CAN craft your own future.

And we want to help you get there.

How Can You Work With Me?
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